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Frame included:

38 x 26 x 2 inches




- this is a hand painted, original painting.

- created in North Carolina, USA

- acrylic on canvas

- gallery wrapped

- ready to hang

- signed on the back and front

- UV varnished

- certificate of authenticity included

Ethereal and calming, Novi Lim's painting transports its audience to a land that is both dreamlike yet familiar. Lim Finds inspiration in the natural world, and seeks to capture their essence through an organic and sensory creative process. In the artist's own words: "Often, imagining a mythical flower that blooms and lit up in the nighttime or seeing something as simple as the calming gradient of the colorful sky at sundown, or the surface of water that glimmers which makes me wonder about the mystery of the deepest oceans -- piqued my creative process and subliminal stimuli." Guided by instinctive feeling, Lim lets the movements of her paintbrush flow as she experiments with atmospheric lighting, transparency, and color. The result is an ambiguous landscape that treads between the subconscious and waking world.


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