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Unframed size: 30 x 40 x 1"
Framed size: 32 x 42 x 2.5"
Solid natural oak frame included




- this is a hand painted, original painting.


- created in North Carolina, USA


- acrylic on canvas


- gallery wrapped


- ready to hang


- signed on the back and front


- UV varnished


- acid-free cotton canvas triple primed


- professional-grade paint


- certificate of authenticity included


{ p r o c e s s }


"I like to transport my mind to a calming place, inspired by memories, and complex organic elements found in nature. Playing with colors and movement, creating new compositions -- my best work comes when there is freedom to create without any strict plan. With intuition and spontaneity taking over, the result is often a surprise. To me, everything flows, and there is always a sense of balance and harmony that can emerge out of disorder. I love the ambiguous and mysterious nature of abstraction. Through self-discovery and experimentation, I am allowing dynamic energy that manifests through the joy of creating. The result is loose interpretations of anything that exists between the mind and reality."

Pure Somniare

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