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I found my most true and liberated self in exploring the beauty of ambiguity. I like to capture the essence and subtle elements of the natural world, water, air, particles, energy, space -- giving the viewers the freedom of interpretation or creating their own narrative if they choose to do so.


For me, art is a therapeutic way to drift into an imaginary land where I can set expressions free and let go of my subconscious through tactile movements and the fascinating play of color, texture, and natural chemistry that happens between mediums.

I enjoy the flow of movement that comes instinctually and the layering process that is delicate. It's important for me to retain a spontaneous quality. Sometimes, I want to evoke the noir mood of melancholy, strength, opulence, and nostalgia in my paintings.

Often, imagining a mythical flower that blooms and lit up in the nighttime, or seeing something as simple as the calming gradient of the colorful sky at sundown, or the surface of water that glimmers which makes me wonder about the mystery of the deepest oceans -- piqued my creative process and subliminal stimuli.

At the core, I am more interested in the sensorial and experiential aspects of feelings and processes. It is a collaborative event of constructing my vision and letting go of inhibition in the pursuit of balance and harmony. Adding my own markings or oriental elements is something that's embedded in my identity and muscle memory. Working with acrylics, immediacy is an important factor, I also enjoy line work and atmospheric use of light and dark.


UPH Pelita Harapan University

Visual Communication Design,

BFA, cum laude



Something For Everyone
National Juried Show / 311 Gallery

Raleigh, NC
December 2020

International Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Group Exhibition / Galerie Sonia Monti

Paris, France

December 2020


National Juried Show / 311 Gallery

Raleigh, NC
July 2021

From Women’s Eye
Virtual Exhbition / Kefi Art Gallery

Toronto CA
March 2021

311 Gallery x Levitate x Novi Lim

Solo Art Showcase

September 2021

Art Comes Alive

International Juried Show

ADC Fine Art Gallery

November 2021

Partnerships / Collaborations:



HelvetArt International Art Competition
- Nominated - Swiss, Switzerland


Creative Allies Illustration Poster Competition
- Prize Winner- We Are Serenades
Raleigh, Nc, United States


Featured in SaatchiArt New Voices, 100 Artists Printed Catalog
March 17th, 2021.

Featured in SaatchiArt Spring 2 2021
Printed Catalog,
April 14th, 2021.

Featured in SaatchiArt  Best of Spring 2021
Printed Catalog
May 19th, 2021.

10 American Artists on The Rise
The Artling - Best of Contemporary Art
November 30th, 2020



Kefi Art Gallery
Toronto, ON

Laguna Beach, CA

Boston, MA


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