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"Art is the most natural way for me to express myself. Through abstraction, I found my own personal visual language. There are hidden stories and memories that are woven underneath each painting that are rich but I cannot express through words. It could be about innocence, heritage, upbringing, surrounding, yearning, the notion of beauty, and even darkness. Every deliberate movement or mark, tension, pressure, or velocity that's put into the canvas -- using the love of paint, a brush, or any weapon of choice and a combination of colors is a simplified, yet a more concealed visual language that's coded, composed and expressed into a work of art.Following curiosity. embracing the unknown, and drawing out what's hidden inside into the physical world really gratifies me and sparks my passion for creativityI like to transport my mind to a calm space, using my own movements and complex organic elements found in nature, playing with colors, and creating new compositions -- I enjoy it most when there is the freedom to create without any strict plan. With intuition and spontaneity taking over, the result is often a surprise. To me, everything flows, and there is always a sense of balance and harmony that can emerge out of disorder. I love the ambiguous and mysterious nature of abstraction. Through self-discovery and experimentation, I am allowing dynamic energy that manifests through the joy of creating. The result is loose interpretations of anything that exists between the mind and reality."

🔴 Red Dot: Original sold
🔵 Blue Dot: Available through gallery

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